Nov 172013

Hello! This is our very first wrap up on the new hosting, hope everything goes well! Lets begin.

Decoration in a bedroom will give  buffs when a villager sleeps.Transportation is still very much undeveloped. Mobs may become stronger at night. Exploration will not be your priority, until you get going and need to establish relationships with other factions. Villagers will do many things by themselves, including eating sleeping and resting. Once they have finished  the carpenter completely, they will be able to make new crafters very easily. Crafters will have to work together to make certain items.

Unforunately this was a coding and animating episode, and Tony only answered questions at the end of the stream, giving me little material to write on. Still a great stream nonetheless!

See you next time!

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Nov 162013

Here at Stonehearth game, we do stream wrap-ups about every week. This is when we look at previous streams of the Developers and gather information about the game. Before we switched hosting, we had all of our completed ones compiled into once grand document. Luckily we saved this document, and here it is!

They use Ember.js for their framework of coding, Handlebars, Jqueryui, and Twitter bootstrap for HTMl Coding. Stonehearth wont support Unity webplayer. They will have templates for their UI for you to use to make your own UI. There most likely wont be many intermediate crafting goods. No Alpha, to many distractions for the Devs. UI is displayed using Chromium. There will be a seperate menu for  Mods. Beta will not have all of the features, mostly focused on building and crafting, then they will work on smaller things like farming and hunting until the release. Almost all aspects of a building will be customizable. You wont be able to build buildings brick by brick, becuase they cant identify what is a wall or roof etc, for certain features that require that. Mammoths could haul materials for you :D. Your villagers may use carts to haul more material at once. Trading will coem down the line once they get a feel for the game in beta.There were will be food that you can eat directly, and foods that will need processing. There will be no cows :(. They want something more unique. You may be able to customize the colors of your workers, but if you do, you will have a hard time distinguishing them from other workers. Trophies or events may happen once you kill a Titan. There may be rewards for quests or achievements, that you wouldn’t normally be able to obtain. You would be able to very easily add your own variants of people. Story driven mods will happen to your town. An in-game voxel editor may come in later after release. Modding API’s will be mostly done by beta. There may be level requirements for later equipment. Weather will affect you. There may be an apprentice system. Stonehearth has been Greenlit! The carpenters workshop will have an inbox for raw crafting materials, and an outbox for finished materials. You wont be able to assign someone a crafter, unless you have access to the materials they need, so you will need those materials to build the workshop that they work in. Building will be very in-depth and flexible. Tools and furniture wont have durability. Remote control actions could be as simple as telling your engineer that a button is linked to a certain mechanical item, or it could be as complicated as having to send steam through pipes like a Rube Goldberg machine. Customized flags and emblems will be available later in the development phase. Your buildings will be defined by what is in them, not by what they look like. Buildings can be damaged without being destroyed, what is damaged is determined by a physics engine that they hope to have out near the first release. Modding will be very open, and the tools that you receive will be what the devs used to make the game, except easier to use. Water will not be fully realistic but will act like you would think it would. They want the game to feel like a high fantasy, but then take its own twist. The biomes will be like normal biomes, only a couple made-up ones. You could raid an NPC’s settlement. Materials will affect how good the tool/weapon is. There could be a heating system, maybe plumbing and water heaters. Siege weapons will be defensive. Plains will be completely flat, and there will be lots of flat places for you to build. Aging and childhood may be implemented later in the game. Furniture will have miniature versions for moving it around, and when they are placed, they become normal size. There will be a camera mode where the walls and roofs obsecuring your view will be removed so you can see inside the  buildings. There are 2 factors in farming, fertility levels ( Nitrogen and fertilizers) and moisture levels. Different crops will need different levels of each. The first release will be more focused on one very optimized city, rather than lots of semi-optimized cities, which may come in DLC. However, you and your friends could set up a empire between all of you. There are 2 possibilities of co-op, You and your friend control the same city, or you both control different cities  and work together. They will most likely either do both of them, or combine the 2. Battle sizes will depend on your city size. Other factions that you will encounter, you may be able to play later. Modders could make their own race if they spent a lot of time on it. Geomancers could be used as a combat unit, if you use her spells right. Most things could be available in all biomes.  Probably wont  be a king or mayor. There wont be winning conditions, there will only be losing conditions. Magic is going to be rare, once you  research it, it can become dangerous, or very helpful. You wont have to micro your civilians. Transportation is in the works. You wont always encounter all of the other races, only some of them. Overhang length depends on the material, the stronger the material, the farther you can go without needing supports. Pillars could be needed for large rooms, depending on the material you made it out of. Dragons could potentially end your game. Villagers will become more complex as time goes on. There could be a hardcore mode. NPC towns may develop depending  your interactions with it. There will not be a specific line between good and evil, you will have to decide on your own who you want to side with is and what is considered bad. There could be a race, where there is only one person, a necromancer, and he summons minions to do his biddings. Elves! Instead of building with wood, you could morph the trees to your desire. Tom showed us the zombie faction (1:26). Aggressive mobs will try to build their own villages with their own building styles. The mining system could be implemented in many different ways, simple or complex. All resources are expendable. There will be a lot of stuff underground, aside from ore. Tech advancements wont be time-based, they will be because your settlers leveled up or you got new crafters. They will keep working on the game after the release, similar to Minecraft. You will be able to terraform, at first by just using workers, then the Geomancer. You will be able to plant decorative plants. Combat will be more strategic thinking instead of micro. Dwarve’s wont start underground, however, you will be pushed strongly to go underground. Alternate planes should be moddable. Their will be templates for modding. They haven’t reached a descision yet on how the army should work. They want to hire a composer to make music for them. The map could scale. Biomes will affect how you play the game and what you build. You will be able to trade with your co-op friends in some way. You will be able to build multiple floors. There will be a lot of animals. You will start farming by selecting a plot of land, then the villager will till the land, then you will select what crops you want where, then you will have to figure out how to mazimize your crop yields by placing objects in the farm. You wont have to micro your farmers. Dragons can be overfed and will eventually turn on you. Each kingdom will not have unique building stylesas of now. They wont go as far as the dwarf fortress style flavor text, somewhere in the middle. The 3 kingdoms are like 3 different tribes and they have slightly different cultures and different crafting recipes, but they all share the same core features. The world will be destructible.Underground will come out after release. You will need resources to build things, but if you dont have that resource, and dont want to trade any other resource, then you can use gold. There will be natural hazards for your explorers and settlers to run into. There will also be natural disasters that will come to you, like a forest fire or earthquake. Villagers will not build on their own. They could add a persons mod into the core game. They may add in a tavern, that hero’s are attracted to. Time will be sped up, you can speed it up or slow it down or pause it. Alternate planes are going to be very different and are still WIP. Buildings will be as complex as shown in the concept art on release. They have yet to decide whether or not you can just switch between classes of a settler with no penalty, or have the job for the rest of their life’s. They will have as many creatures as they feel is necessary at launch. There will be ambient weather. Probably no upgrading, then tearing it down and rebuilding it better. Better crafters will yeild better materials. Relativly small populations. 20-100, they need to test it out. They are tuning building numbers and population sizes. May be an online Auction house, trading with other players for sure. Engineer is the gateway to post medieval tech. There will be power. You will be able to replant trees. They dont want you to restart becuase you run out of resources. You will be able to replinish resources after you run out of your current resources. Villagers will do mundane things while idle. Yow will be able to raise the dead. May be abandoned structeres.

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